I'm Joseph (Joey) Eremondi, a PhD student working with Ron Garcia at the UBC Software Practices Laboratory.

My research is centred around type systems for making code more reliable, and in the theory and practice of making such systems easier to use. In particular, I'm interested in mixing dependent types with gradual types and improving error messages for dependently-typed languages. I've also researched the properties of reversal-bounded counter automata.

VSCode Plugin for Ott

:: Ott, VSCode, PL

By: Joey Eremondi

I’ve made a package that integrates the Ott Semantic Modeling tool into Visual Studio Code. Right now, it supports syntax highlighting, and showing error messages inline, but I hope to eventually add support for source formatting, and prettifying symbols.

You can view the package here.

Pull requests, collaboration, suggestions are all welcome!

UBC Beamer Theme

:: LaTeX, Beamer, UBC

By: Joey Eremondi

I recently had to make a LaTeX slideshow, and was disappointed with how awful most of the themes looked. I found the Metropolis theme, which was quite nice and modern, and I adapted it to have the UBC colours and logo.

You can see it live on Overleaf.

Or you can see the code on Github.

Suggestions or Pull requests are welcome!

If you’re going to a conference, or even making a presentation in a class with lots of formulas, this could come in handy.