Dr. Joseph Eremondi

Recruiting Grad Students

January 02, 2024

I am a newly-hired Assistant Professor, recruiting Masters and Doctoral students to research programming languages theory with me at the University of Regina in Canada. Specific areas of interest include:

  • Programming with dependently typed languages, like Lean, Agda, Idris, and Coq
  • Improving usability of dependently typed programming languages
  • Gradual types and gradual dependent types
  • Live programming environments for dependent types
  • Static analysis of dependently typed programs
  • Ordinal notations and termination proofs
  • Error messages and repair suggestions for static and dynamic type errors
  • Dependent pattern matching - semantics and implementation

Graduate students at the U of R have the opportunity to be part of a small, focused research group where you can work closely with your advisor. Regina is one of Canada’s most affordable cities to live in, and students have access to Canada’s universal health care. Students are funded by stipend, and have the opportunity to gain experience as a Teaching Assistant or Sessional Lecturer.

Application deadlines are listed below, but out-of-cycle applications are possible for strong students.

  • Feb 15 2024 (to begin September 2024)
  • June 15 2024 (to begin January 2025)
  • October 15 2024 (to begin May 2025)

For more information on applying, visit https://www.uregina.ca/science/cs/graduate/future-grad/index.html. Any questions for me specifically can be directed to me by email.