Dr. Joseph Eremondi


Jan ’24

Started as Assistant Professor at University of Regina.

Dec ’23

Gave a talk at the Scottish Programming Languages Seminar about my postdoc research on pattern matching, video here

Jun ’23

Gave a talk at the University of Strathclyde MSP101 Seminar Series about gradual dependent types, video here

Apr ’23

Successfully defended PhD thesis “On The Design of a Gradual Dependently Typed Language for Programming”. The final version of my dissertation can be read here.

Oct ’22

Awarded the Royal Society Newton International Fellowship with Ohad Kammar, researching improved semantics for dependent pattern matching

May ’22
Mar ’21

I have successfully defended my thesis proposal: I am officially a PhD Candidate

Feb ’20

I was awarded the John McCarthy best paper award for my TFP 2019 paper