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ICFP Preprint Now Avaliable!

:: Research, PL, Dependent Types, Gradual Types

By: Joey Eremondi

My paper “Approximate Normalization for Gradual Dependent Types”, with √Čric Tanter and Ron Garcia, was accepted to ICFP! The preprint is now available on Arxiv. Feel free to send me comments or questions on the paper.

I’m currently working on extending the calculus from that paper into a fully usable language, which I’ve named Dudley. Stay tuned for more updates on this development!

VSCode Plugin for Ott

:: Ott, VSCode, PL

By: Joey Eremondi

I’ve made a package that integrates the Ott Semantic Modeling tool into Visual Studio Code. Right now, it supports syntax highlighting, and showing error messages inline, but I hope to eventually add support for source formatting, and prettifying symbols.

You can view the package here.

Pull requests, collaboration, suggestions are all welcome!