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Below is a list of software projects I have developed or contributed code to, as well as packages I maintain:

Haskelm: Haskell to Elm translation

This library is allows for unified Algebraic Data Types to be used in both a Haskell backend and an Elm frontend, seamlessly sent using JSON.

See it on GitHub or on Hackage.

Giraffe: a High-Level Code Visualiser for Beginning Programmers

Link and downloads to come soon!

My main involvement in Giraffe was implementing a C interpreter in Java. This was not an easy task, and presented many challenges.

Eskate: a Kinect-enabled XNA platformer

For CMPT 306, I was part of a group which developed a Kinect-enabled video game using the XNA frameword. The game featured a protagonist riding a skateboard, holding a large stick which could be used to fend off enemies. The movers hand movements were tracked, enabling them to hold an actual stick to control the in-game weapon.