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Reversal Bounded Counter Machines

Supervisor: Ian McQuillan

Shuffle Operator on Strings

Supervisor: Ian McQuillan

In the summer of 2012 I began research on the Shuffle operator on strings. I am continuing this research as part of my project for CMPT 400.

In particular, I’m examining the problem of when the shuffle of two words is a subset of the shuffle of another two words. My ultimate goal is to have a complete characterization of this problem.

While much of this problem involves mathematics and formal proofs, I’ve developed a library of Prolog tools which can be used to search for counter-examples to conjectures and find shuffle subsets not covered by any pre-existing theorems.

I exhibited my research in ths area at the 2012 “Celebrating Success Poster Competition.” A copy of the poster can be found on the publications page.

UltraLux: Ubiquitous Displays

Supervisor: Carl Gutwin** **

In the summer of 2011 I worded in the HCI Lab at the University of Saskatchewan on a project known as UltraLux (originally UbiLight). The system uses a projector and a semi-spherical mirror to project images anywhere in the room, essentially using each wall, the roof, and the floor as a display. More impressively, it did this for very low cost, making it ideal for research prototyping.

My work included extending the system to interact with real words object. For example, I implemented a feature where a user could drag a file to the actual printer in order to print it.

A video I made about the project can be found here.

More information about UltraLux can be found at SurfNet.